The largest shift of wealth in the history of mankind has begun. In just one year blockchain-derived technologies increased in value from a mere 15 billion dollars to a staggering 700 billion dollars plus, with no end to growth in sight.

Enter the cryptocurrency craze.

While there have been and will continue to be incredible innovations in the cryptocurrency space, large numbers of the same flaws inherent in traditional banking systems continue to plague many cryptocurrency projects. From companies choosing to utilize non-distributed ledgers to allowing futures trading and wild speculation to determine the valuation of their coin, these projects simply put proverbial lipstick on the same old pig and in so doing lack true innovation and value proposition.

As such, many coin ecosystems today are, in reality, no better than the current banks controlling the financial spectrum for centuries. If this transfer of wealth is to become permanent, cryptocurrencies must break out of the molds of the past and forge new financial models replete with higher efficiency systems and higher-minded ideals.

The LucisDollar, Lucis Exchange, and Lucis Lending Platform are only the beginning of a vast array of blockchain driven systems and projects the Lucis Family will launch over the next few years. Each of these projects strives to usher in a new financial reality where individuals and businesses around the globe not only survive but thrive and prosper.

We believe privacy is paramount for a financial system to thrive. We chose the Cryptonote/Cryptonite algorithm to run our seed coin for this purpose. This algorithm promotes sender/receiver encryption as well as transactional amount encryption. We will also implement a variety of cutting edge privacy measures as the project progresses to further encrypt and protect our overall ecosystem.

Next, we believe security is paramount in personal finance, personal and corporate banking, cryptocurrencies and economies of scale. To ensure our security we partnered with a high-tech firm that developed a separate internet access protocol from the ground up, which contains three additional layers of security above and beyond the most advanced systems in existence today.

In addition, we are also involved with cutting edge alternative and green energy projects, nanoparticle technologies, mining technologies and blockchain designed products and services designed to better the basic standard of living around the globe. The Lucis Project seeks to better the planet by not only providing a better financial system but by also becoming part of larger solutions that meet the base needs of humanity, such as food, water, shelter, clothing, and healthcare.

We believe those who possess the knowledge and power are obligated to create globally responsible, innovative and sustainable solutions for the betterment of humanity and everything we impact. We believe in the innate goodness in people and we believe in the power of the global community. We believe that, together, in collaboration, trust, transparency, accountability, integrity, and self-responsibility with exceptionally high standards, we can actualize the world we want to experience, and the Lucis Project will be a pillar within this emerging evolution.


Total Supply:250,000,000
ICO Coins:35,000,000
Decimal Places:4
Opening Price:$0.30 - $1.20
Minimum Stake Age:1 Day
Block Time:120 Seconds
Difficulty:Retargeted each block
Starting POW Reward:100 LUCD
Starting POS Reward:10% per month