The Atlas Project

– The First Secure Technology Rated 99.9999% Secure by Lloyds of London


Mass Adoption of Blockchain through the World’s Most Secure Network.
A Non-Volatile, Highly Speculation Resistant, and Scalable Cryptocurrency.


Current and several upcoming Blockchain & Crypto Projects suffer from three major catastrophic points of failure:

Lack of Security

Blockchain projects rely on the insecure World Wide Web, leading to the theft of $1.73B in Crypto Assets in Qtr 1 & 2 of 2018 alone.

The current World Wide Web technology runs on protocols designed in the 1970s with known vulnerabilities at each level.

Anyone adding layers to these protocols will inherit similar vulnerabilities.

Extreme Volatility

Instead of true units of financial transaction, most cryptocurrencies are merely speculative investment instruments. Volatility preys on fears the general public has using crypto as transactional mediums: inability to maintain value for transactions, long confirmation time, exchange bottlenecks, and price discrepancies between biased exchanges.

Minimal Scalability

The largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, only performs 7 transactions per second. While popular DAPPs on Ethereum hinder the entire network’s performance.

Yet, Visa can seamlessly process up to 40k transactions & verifications per second.


Rebuilding the entire layer stack from the ground up is the only solution to guarantee security at every level and finally reach blockchain adoption on a world-wide scale.

Atlas Network

Developed, tested, and fully functional, with over 20 years and $20M invested. Including a secured Patent for exclusivity for our payment processing technology.

• First Secure Technology to be Rated 99.9999% Secure by Lloyds of London. • Cyber Insurance covers our network end-to-end, user-to-user, up to $50M per incident of Cybercrime and Fraud.

• Coverage Extends to Clients using our network for their blockchain security.

The BitDollar
(Atlas Token)

BitDollar valuation will be determined, managed, & updated in real time using a proprietary and automated AI algorithm.

The stable Atlas Global Economic Index algorithm will consider Global Economic factors including but not limited to: GNP, GDP, GNI, Purchasing Power Parity, Daily Averages in Forex, Stocks, Cryptos, Real Estate, Precious Metals, Oil, Gas and more.

The BitDollar will use propagation and reduction mechanisms to combat supply and demand issues and will be restricted from all types of short selling mechanisms, platforms, exchanges, and/or instruments.

Extreme Volume + Mainstream Adoption

Advanced transaction methods, including the patented payment systems in the Atlas Network, enable our Blockchain to create a currency capable of over 1M transactions per second, to rapidly reach mass adoption.

Combine the scalability of our blockchain, with the Atlas Token Stable Coin Algorithm, and then place it behind the world's most secure network technology backed by a $50M Cyber Crime Coverage and you have a currency.

A REAL currency, that has a shot for mass adoption and transactional value.

Strategy Phases

Phase 1

Increase the infrastructure of the Core Atlas Network Team, including Development and Marketing. Create agreements with several Blockchain companies who have already approached us about launching on our secure platform.

Phase 2

Develop the blockchain around the Atlas Token Stable Coin Algorithm. Test the blockchain, algorithm, and token. Launch the BitDollar.

Phase 3

Develop and Launch Advanced Atlas Financial Exchange Services using the Bitdollar as the stable medium of exchanges between all assets of value.

Phase 4

Provide Full Banking Services, Global Remittances, Point of Sale Devices and infrastructure, and Payment Solutions.