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As a member of the Lucis Family there are several ways you can earn money. By participating in LucisDollar you have the unique opportunity to take full dominion over your own financial success. As demand for LucisDollar and the myriad products and services spawned from our various projects increases, LucisDollar will increase in value, so prepare to take advantage by buying early!

We appreciate your support of the Lucis Family of projects and seek to always reward you for sharing this concept with others!





Collaboration Pool

LucisDollar seeks to partner with its Family members long-term to have a greater impact on the global economy and humankind. We do this, not only through our own efforts, but through collaboration with other projects so we may have the biggest impact on the world. To this end, we created our Collaboration Pool program. This program rewards LucisDollar Family members who actively contribute to the Collaboration Pool. The purpose of the pool is to grow funds to be used for humanitarian efforts designed to assist those in need and to have the largest global impact possible.

Those who wish to participate in the Collaboration Pool will be rewarded for participation weekly. The Collaboration Pool will be limited to only 20% of the LucisDollar portfolio.

The purpose of the Collaboration Pool is to give Lucis Family members the opportunity to contribute and participate in LucisDollar Programs and Projects that have a global impact on the world. Funds in the Collaboration Pool are distributed across the various projects LucisDollar works to assist. LucisDollar Family members who contribute to the Collaboration Pool receive weekly rewards for their participation.

How the Collaboration Pool Works

Collaboration Pool Details

Weekly Rewards

Members start earning rewards weekly after the first 7 days in the Collaboration Pool. Contributions must remain in the Collaboration Pool for a full 7–day period to earn rewards.

The Collaboration Pool calendar is divided into fifty-two 7-day time periods each year starting the day you make your contribution to the pool. The Collaboration Pool pays rewards on the 7th day after a weekly period ends.

For example, a member will get paid on day 14 for LUCD contributed to the Collaboration Pool on days 1-7, on day 21 for LUCD contributed on days 8-14, and so on.

Family members may increase the amount of reward they receive each week by becoming a Change Agent.

Change Agents

Change Agents are those who continue to contribute to the Collaboration Pool the longest, and, by so doing, will have the biggest impact on the world.

Members continue to receive bonus rewards for as long as their LUCD remain in the Collaboration Pool. Change Agent bonuses are cumulative and paid weekly together with regular Collaboration Pool rewards. Bonuses remain at 2% per week after Week 24. See table below:

Week Additional Weekly Reward
1-2 -
3 .05%
4 .10%
6 .25%
8 .40%
10 .65%
12 .90%
16 1.25%
20 1.6%
24 2%

Full Control

By participating in the Collaboration Pool you have full control over your LUCD. Funds can be moved in and out of the Collaboration Pool at the end of any 7 day period. Funds may be placed back in to the pool at any time.

Family members continue to earn rewards for as long as LUCD Funds remain in the Collaborative pool. Additional contributions may be made at any time. Each contribution earns separately, and on its own weekly periods, from the previous amount contributed.

Regular Collaboration reward rates will vary. Reward amounts are not guaranteed, and past rewards do not predict future reward levels.

The Collaboration Pool reward levels have no minimum or maximum amounts – and may range from zero percent to any level. In full transparency, the goal is to aim for a 12% average monthly reward, however there are too many factors to predict the profitability of the pool. Profits earned from the funds in the Collaboration Pool are used to distribute weekly rewards, bonuses and support the humanitarian projects LucisDollar actively participates with.

One last reminder, while we aim to hit our goals each and every week, LucisDollar makes no guarantees of reward levels.

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